Student’s Inspiration of the Month September 2019

Congratulations to our next SIotM title winner – Dee Keaveney

Dee is a professional dancer, showgirl and cheerleader. She travelled across the world dancing from New York to New Delhi. She settled down back in Galway recently and came back to The Coven with the biggest smile we’ve seen! She always brings her super positive attitude to our classes. You can meet Dee in the Advanced pole fitness, Flexibility, Spinny Pole or Pole Play class.
We asked Dee to write a few words about herself and here’s what she sent us back. Read her story below and get inspired by another of our amazing students!

“I started pole dance in 2015 in New York and I’ll never forget that I wore leggings to my first class! I’ve been dancing at The Coven for the past few years, I always stopped in for class when I was visiting Galway but now that I live here again so I’ve trained consistently since May.

I joined The Coven for the positive vibes and support, my classes are some of the most inspiring and encouraging hours of my week. 

Since becoming a regular student at The Coven again, I’ve gotten so much stronger, especially in my core and upper body. I find myself progressing and learning new moves a lot faster.

What I love about The Coven is that it feels like such a safe space to be myself. I can be as extra as I want without fear of judgement. The competitive vibe I’ve become used to at regular dance studios for years doesn’t exist here. Everyone is working at their own pace, everyone’s body is different and has its owns unique strengths. Edyta is such a patient teacher even on days where I have no grip and slide off the pole. She inspires me with her drive and passion. And she doesn’t care if I just stop, drop and twerk!

To the current students of The Coven I say we’re all warriors! The pole gives us burns and bruises and sore muscles but it also gives us strength and confidence and challenges our minds too. 

Anyone who’s hesitating to join, I thought about it for years before my first class too. Just jump in and try. I had no upper body strength when I started, I was almost afraid to touch the pole. It all comes with time! You don’t need to build strength or flexibility before you start pole dancing, that’s what you will gain along the way! 

My favourite quote is: “I can accept failure but I cannot accept not trying.” – Michael Jordan 

My favourite poler is probably Rachel Tolzman, I used to train with her in London, she’s the tiniest super hero I’ve ever met with multiple world championships under her belt. She has a dance background like me and is just so beautiful to watch, she moves so artistically, you can see the decades of dance training in her body and perfect pointed toes! She can also strap on a pair of 10 inch Pleasers and rock your world old school style too, Rachel has it all!”

Thank you so much Dee for writing about your journey so far!
Team The Coven