Student’s Inspiration of the Month October 2019

October’s Inspiration of the Month title goes to Savanna Sleith – congratulations!

Savanna is our Beginner level 2 student at the moment and is known for repeatedly breaking out of her comfort zone. The best example? Pole dancing photoshoot! The images above with bright background are the result of her first photo session on the pole ever. How amazing is that! Getting out of your comfort zone is a such difficult thing to do and we find that extremely inspiring!
Read Savanna’s story below and find out how her life changed since she took up pole fitness with us.

“One of my favorite quotes is “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take” .
I’ve always tried to push myself to do something even if I was afraid to do it but for a few years I let my anxiety stop me from doing certain things. At the start of this year, I don’t really know how the topic came up but myself and my friends were saying we all need to do some sort of activity together and I said I’d love to do pole! It was just a passing comment but you can bet Google was listening and the next day I got an ad for The Coven! I only mentioned it to one of my friends that I was going to join and she decided to start too so we began together in the February beginner’s course.

For those of you who don’t really know me (yet!) I’m a huge nerd! As in, I’d much rather sit on my couch playing video games then go out drinking. I know I can be very antisocial, but when it comes to a topic I’m interested in you better be ready to listen! Usually I could go on about movies, TV shows, Disney, games, Japan, concerts and some weird bands you really don’t wanna know about, but I can happily say now I also talk people’s ear off about pole.

Right from the start I knew it was going to be hard. I had no strength, barely any flexibility and rarely worked out so my overall fitness level was low! The first class was tough I won’t lie, but it was also so rewarding. Although I didn’t have a hope of lifting myself off the floor with just arm strength (and I wouldn’t for a while) I could do a passable fireman spin and a fairly smooth body roll. In the first few weeks I got to know my strengths and weaknesses and everyone had different ones so one thing myself and anyone who does pole needs to learn at the start is you just can’t compare yourself to others in the class. Once the four weeks beginner course was up I knew I didn’t want my journey to end there so I bought a 10 class pack and I’m currently on my third one since! I even ended up buying myself a pole for home, which admittedly I need to use more, but it’s helpful for me to be able to practice outside of class because I live nearly an hour away.

I love The Coven, I really do. The instructors Edyta and Taryn are both so different in their teaching styles but at the same time both incredibly supportive and motivating . You don’t need to look far for inspiration especially when it comes to the students who are all so unique and just amazing! Whether it’s in class or through following fellow students online I’m always excited to see how people are progressing and motivated to learn what they have learnt . So, if I had to give any advice to the students at The Coven it would be keep doing what you’re doing, cause it’s working!

I’m currently trying to try more of the many classes The Coven has to offer. I’ve done level 2 for a while, Spinny and most recently Sensual Movement. They all bring something different but what they all do is strengthen you either physically or mentally (or both) .

For me, The Coven has done many things. I could say it’s improved my strength, flexibility or body confidence (and it has done all those things more than I ever expected) but if I could say the biggest thing The Coven and pole has taught me it’s perseverance. I’ve known myself long enough to know I’m a great one for starting tasks but never finishing them. Pole has made me push through all my doubts even when I failed over and over (and over x10) again. Because even if you fail more times than you can count, there’s nothing like the feeling when you achieve it, and I wanted that feeling more in my life so I can proudly say now I finish much more tasks then I did 7 months ago.

Before I started at The Coven, I was afraid I just couldn’t physically do it due to my weight. Edyta assured me I would be able, and I was! But with my new perseverance and motivation in July I finally decided to get healthy. I’ve tried many times to get healthy but let my emotions, or work or any excuse get in the way but I’m really sticking with it this time, more than I ever have. My husband asked me what’s changed this time and it’s genuinely that I’ve just learned an entire new mindset.

To anyone who’s reading this going back and forth about whether they should do it, why not? I wanted to start pole for months before I did and my only wish is I started sooner. Everyone is welcoming and you won’t be judged for your level of ability, people are always happy to see you succeed. So many times in my life I’ve began courses in various different things but I’ve never stayed because they weren’t The Coven!

Before I finish I just want to say how happy I was to hear I was this months inspiration. I found it very hard to think of what to say because I don’t see myself as ‘inspiring’, however I was ecstatic to be chosen for October because spooky season is the best season (and it’s my birthday 😁).

It’s easy to see from all the wonderful things students have said that this place brings out the passion in people, and why wouldn’t you want to be part of that crazy family?”

Thank you so much Savanna! Your story brought tears of joy to our eyes <3
Team The Coven