Student’s Inspiration of the Month October 2018

We’re delighted to announce our first Student’s Inspiration of the Month nomination!
Congratulations, Rioghna Ashford, you are our Students’ Inspiration of The Month October 2018!

We are extremely grateful that Rioghna is a part of The Coven’s community.
Read Rioghna’s story below and you will surely get inspired by her positive attitude and persistence in pursuing her goals.

“I suppose my pole dancing/ fitness journey began a year ago.

I had always been interested and in awe of people who could do it. What made me actually say to myself I am going to do this was when I had looked up videos on YouTube. I then came across a performance. Her name is Ava Madison. She was performing with a song by Sia titled ‘Breathe Me’.

She looked so elegant, like a ballerina dancer and had me mesmerised with her choreography.

It is beautiful.

I then said to myself: One day I am going to do that choreography.

I really actually only started pole dancing/ fitness maybe eight months ago in The Coven because I had badly dislocated my knee cap. My goal then was to get my strength and movement back.

After religiously doing my physiotherapy exercises, taking a break from work and also consulting with my doctor I was then strong enough to begin my pole/ fitness journey.

I believe I was meant to be in The Coven because I had emailed a company previously but then found out that it was actually an old advertisement and were not based in Galway anymore.

So I kept searching and came across this studio, The Coven and during that time Arlene (previous owner) had emailed me suggesting The Coven and praising Edyta (owner of The Coven) and how great she is. At that stage I had already signed up and I knew that it was going to be a fun, friendly and safe environment after receiving my first email from Edyta.

Of course I was very nervous and shy in the first few classes as I knew nobody but we were all in the same boat. Edyta got the ball rolling as she asked us to introduce ourselves and to add a fun interesting thing or a hobby that we liked to do.

Edyta is amazing. She is very thorough explaining the tricks and spins. Edyta is also very understanding and patient when you simply cannot grasp what you are meant to be doing. Edyta recognises all achievements, strength and flexibility immediately.

Edyta has an array of classes. There is pole and flexibility conditioning classes, sensual movement, floor and flow work and yoga.

I attend as many as I can to gain strength, flexibility well to have fun.

My advice to anybody that is partaking or to new people joining is to try and do as many classes as possible. Your strength, balance and flexibility improve hugely and not only that – you meet new people and make friends quickly.

What I love the most about The Coven is everyone helps everyone. We build each other up. It’s like a private community and everyone can join.

My only regret was that I didn’t start sooner.

My goal for this year is to be able to do the splits. The motivation that keeps me going is my progress pictures. It also helps to start following pole dance groups on Instagram. When you see what people can do and achieve you know that you can do it if you keep persisting.”

Thank you so much Rioghna! We wish you all the success and will do our best to help you achieving your personal fitness goals!

Team The Coven