Student’s Inspiration of The Month November 2018

Here’s our next monthly inspiration award!

The November nomination goes to Stephen Malone!

Stephen attends Intermediate level classes. He is very consistent in his training and takes two classes per week – usually one Pole session and one Flexibility and Conditioning session. Stephen is known for his amazingly fast progress and great flexibility. Read Stephen’s story below and get inspired by his journey with The Coven so far!
“I’ve been doing Pole Dancing for about 7 months now and honestly I’ve never found any physical activity as fun! I think the actual challenge it brings mixed with the comfortable atmosphere in each class is what made me stay at it. I found it hard to find a sport where everyone encourages each other to improve as best they can and since joining the Coven I’ve seen nothing but encouragement from both the students and teachers. Honestly, joining was the best decision I’ve made all year!
My favourite quote: “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude”
– Maya Angelou
Again, I’d like to thank you for choosing me for the inspiration of November, I really appreciate it and I’m really grateful for the opportunity you’ve given me in joining the Coven. I was going through a pretty tough time when I started and honestly it got to the point where my whole week would revolve around pole dancing because it makes me so happy. Thank you so much for everything!”
Thank you Stephen for being a part of our community!
Team The Coven

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  1. I totally feel the same way. Everyone is so supportive and just when you think your week has hit rock bottom someone in class will totally flip ur mood. If that’s your own reflection, Edyta or someone else in there, it feel great! Keep having fun 🙂

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