Student’s Inspiration of the Month May 2019

We are excited to introduce our Student’s Inspiration of the Month May winner – Kayla!

Kayla is our Beginner level 3 student. She also enjoys Spinny Pole and Sensual Movement (exotic dance) classes. She already found her unique dancing style and is happily improving it during our classes. The picture above was taken during Kayla’s first ever performance at The Coven’s 2nd Anniversary party. You can tell that her passion, happiness and positive energy shines through her dancing! We asked Kayla to write about her pole dancing journey with The Coven and she has written an amazing inspirational piece.

Kayla’s story: 

“I first began pole dancing at the Coven just last October but my love for it began long before, from seeing videos of people beautifully dancing and reading about it from anywhere I could find I fell in love and knew I needed and wanted it. It seemed so empowering and beautiful. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I worked up the courage somehow with the help of finding a fellow lover of it, Alex who also currently dances at The Coven, both me and her decided to throw ourselves in at the deep end and begin our pole journey. 

It has become one of the best decisions I have made, it has improved and helped me in many ways I never thought it could. My whole life I’ve struggled a lot with mental illness and for the first time I found somewhere I can feel relaxed and okay. It has helped me with appreciating my body and self love which something I never greatly experienced, for that and many others I am so grateful to The Coven, Edyta (the owner) and all the lovely students I have met. Edyta has really made this all so magical and has helped amazingly throughout each class and has been so supportive and so amazing! 

Advice I would give to an existing student is never beat yourself up over anything even though that’s a lot easier said than done. But no matter how slow it takes you to nail that one trick or your flexibility or whatever it is try remind yourself it’s okay – you’ll get there in your own pace and it’ll be amazing, and take care of yourself always. For someone hesitant to join the Coven I would tell them: fuck it! You’ve got a warm welcome from one big family waiting for you to join who are all so supportive and have all been in the same boat as you once.

Dancers such as Kitty Velour for her amazing sensual and exotic style and Olga Koda for being an absolute queen and constantly leaving me with my mouth wide open daily and of course the Coven’s very own Pole Bat’s dark sensual and absolute badass flow inspire me and my dancing greatly.

I would like to say how grateful I am for being this months inspiration, forever will warm my heart ❤

Thank you so much Kayla for this amazing story, we found it not only extremely inspiring but it also touched our hearts.

Team The Coven