Student’s Inspiration of the Month March 2020

Congratulations to our SIotM March 2020 winner – Aine!

Aine is with The Coven for over 2 years now! She currently goes to the Intermediate level classes. She is well known for her positive attitude towards not only the new challenges but also everyone around her. Aine is a true warrior – practicing one of the most difficult sports despite her illness. Read her story below to find out more and get inspired!

“2 years ago I signed up for the Introduction to Pole Dance Course at The Coven. It started out as something fun to do for a few weeks. Something no one I know had ever tried. My plan was to try pole for a month and then get a boring gym membership to get in shape. I’m so happy I tried pole first because I got hooked and have never looked back 😁 No boring gym memberships for me! It’s pole all the way.

When I started going to The Coven it was a reward for having gotten all of my life stuff done in the week. Now it is what keeps me sane enough to actually get my life stuff done. The warm and welcoming community of The Coven make me feel like I can try any move. Knowing Edyta is there to spot me and show me how to do something new and amazing gives me the courage to try. Again and again until I get it!

Some of you might know that a few years ago I was practically bed bound due to illness. So I came to The Coven with no strength or fitness level at all. I could not even open the door to the studio the first time I went to the beginners class. I had to phone Edyta to come out and open the heavy wooden door. I had zero strength and thought I would ever manage to do any of the amazing moves she showed us. But week after week my strength grew.

When I told my family and friends that I was doing pole they were surprised and shocked. Not because it was pole but because it involved strength and power that they had never known me to have. My family and friends have all seen a huge change in me over the past two years. And they know it is thanks to The Coven and Edyta. My family are so supportive that Dad even put up a pole in the back garden behind the shed so I can practice when I visit them! It’s an old sign pole covered in moss so it’s too dangerous to really use but he was so excited to show me it that I have done a few climbs on it.

Showing my sisters videos of me inverting made their jaws hit the floor. I can do things now that I never in a million years thought I would ever be able to do. I can never thank Edyta and the community enough for being so supportive. The Coven is my safe space. My refuge from the world. It is where I fly.

Thank you all for being so wonderful and sharing this journey with me. I am very proud and happy to be a member of The Coven. You are my home away from home.”

Thank you so much Aine! We are touched <3
Team The Coven