Student’s Inspiration of the Month June 2019

Huge congratulations to Siobhan Collins who scored SIotM June 2019 title!

Siobhan regularly takes our Beginner level 2 classes. She recently started coming to Spinny Pole Beginner 2/3 and sometimes attends Sensual Movement as well. Siobhan always brightens the room with her lovely smile. She is extremely passionate about pole fitness and her dedication is inspiring everybody around! Siobhan’s incredible story about her journey with pole fitness at The Coven will definitely stir your emotions – it is a story about taking a “wild leap” that led to finding a passion strong enough to help with getting out the so called comfort zone. 

Read Siobhan’s story below:

“Pole dancing has been something of a wild leap for me. My other hobbies include knitting, reading, riding my motorbike and taking naps. In short, I am a very sedentary human.

I can distinctly remember the night that I first signed up for lessons. It was late, and I was meant to be working on something important. However, I – a consummate procrastinator – was on Facebook, reading an ad for Beginners Classes at The Coven. On a whim, I decided that it would be nice to learn how to be more feminine and slinky. Remember I said I was sedentary? I am such a lazybones, it’s a miracle that I even got up from the couch to get my card, so I could sign up to those classes. Thus began my wild leap.
My first evening at The Coven could be referred to as a ‘What Not to Do in Order to Become a Pole Dancer’ guide.
I was late. I showed up in jeans. I didn’t have water with me, or my hair tied back, or even so much as a sports bra on. I was in no way ready for the physicality of this activity. I almost passed out by the time the warm-up was done. I had all of two seconds to catch my breath before Edyta said ‘Now, we dance!’
As I left the class, wobbling down the stairs and wondering whether or not I had the strength to drive home, I was overwhelmed with the certainty that I was here to stay. When I sat into my car, I scribbled ‘buy shorts and a water bottle’ on the back of a McDonalds bag that was sitting in the passenger seat. The rest, as they say, is history.
It has been seven months since that night, and I have I have never regretted giving in to my whim to start pole dancing.
It has improved my life in the most unexpected of ways.
I’m becoming bendier, so I can lift my leg higher and get on bigger motorbikes – something I had resigned myself to never being able to do.
I have started a little dog walking enterprise, so I get out more and I get exercise.
I drink a lot more water, and my skin is clearer.
I also have a really interesting topic of conversation for my knitting club every week.
I can’t actually dance yet, but I’m assured I’m nearly there, and that’s good enough for me. For now.
Pole dancing is not the gentle, sexy, effortless activity I assumed it to be when I decided to join The Coven. Oh, no. It is hard-core, and it requires complete mental and physical engagement. Every muscle in my body, from my foot to my face, has been stretched, twisted, flexed, or pointed at some stage in each class.
Pole dancing has introduced me to the art of perseverance. Sometimes, when I’m struggling with something, which isn’t even always pole dancing related, I think of Edyta going ‘YAAS!’, and it’s such an encouraging thing.
More than that, pole dancing has let me explore an avenue of life that I would never have taken any initiative with, because I thought I was fine as I was.

The Coven is a haven for me to retreat to after the day is done. I finish work, and then I happily potter across to the studio. I have made new friends, and I even have cheerleaders in my class. Everyone has been so kind to me, and supportive too. Because I often end up in tangles, and I don’t have any spatial awareness to speak of, I do not feel like I am improving a lot of the time.

In fact, when my manager at work heard about my decision to join, a look of great consternation crossed his face, and he said ‘But she’s so clumsy!’.
He’s right, I am, but I don’t plan on staying that way.
Every so often, I nail a move that I couldn’t do before, and I take those little victories to heart.
Especially when they’re met with a round of cheers from the girls in the class.
In a way, pole class has given me purpose. I have a lot to work towards. I shouldn’t complain, even though I do, because I really like it when I’m instantly good at things – and I am emphatically not instantly good at this.

Do I wish I was excellent already? Of course I do, but I have been gripped with a determination to keep working until I am excellent.

As whims go, I could have done a lot worse than joining The Coven.
I’ve surprised myself more than I can say. I’m super glad that I did, too.
I have invested in myself more in these past months than I ever have before, and it’s a good feeling.
To everyone that has an interest in the world of pole, I’d highly recommend treating yourself to lessons.
If it’s not for you, at least you’ll know. If you love it, you might end up wishing you’d joined sooner.
I certainly wish I began dancing years ago – but now is better than never!”

Thank you so much, Siobhan! It means a lot for us to hear that you enjoy the classes so much!

Team The Coven