Student’s Inspiration of the Month July 2019

Join us in celebrating our Student’s Inspiration of the Month July 2019 winner – Katie Clarke!

Katie is training at our Beginner level 3 as we write this piece but she also does Spinny Pole, Sensual Movement (exotic dance), Flexibility classes and additionally practices at Pole Play (open training) as well! What inspires us the most about Katie however is how she’s passionate about people getting united by pole dancing. She likes to share ideas for moves and combos, often finds interesting tricks to try and is always the first one to share the latest trends in pole dancing fashion 😉 Read Katie’s story below and find out what she thinks about her pole fitness journey with The Coven so far!

“I started pole dancing at the Coven in January of 2018, so it’s about to be a year and a half now. I made the decision to try out the Coven when I saw flyers posted around NUIG’s campus. I checked the website out and decided that it seemed like it would be a fun workout to try. I decided to stay because of all of the wonderful, beautiful people that I met here. The people here have helped me stay sane throughout my college course, they’ve given me an amazing space to come and be myself, and they’ve given me a place I can truly call home.

Since joining the Coven I’ve noticed a few major changes. My confidence has definitely grown, and it’s helped in so many different ways. I’m also less self-conscious about my body, since I know that it’s strong enough to do all the tricks, so it doesn’t matter that I’m not the perceived ideal body type. My absolute favourite part about The Coven is the variety of classes that are available. Edyta is amazing and she has so many different talents in each class that each one is completely different from the other. I especially love spinny pole since it’s about as close to flying as you can get without going sky-diving.

To the existing student my biggest piece of advice is not to compare yourself to the others in your class. Compare yourself to where you started. It can be hard when people who started well after you move up ahead of you quicker but when you realize how far you’ve come in your own journey it’s much better. My second biggest piece of advice is don’t worry if you aren’t graceful, it takes practice to feel connected in your moves. Also, go to spinny pole!

To the person who’s hesitant to try pole dancing, I get it, it’s nerve wracking. You see all these crazy videos of ten-year olds doing insane tricks, but the thing is until you start, you’ll always feel nervous. Don’t worry if you aren’t fit enough, that comes with dancing. Don’t worry if you think your body isn’t the right size, it doesn’t need to be. Give it a chance, I promise you’ll be glad that you did.

My absolute favourite quote that I live by is “Life is a divine chaos, embrace it. Forgive yourself, breathe and enjoy the ride.”

My pole inspiration comes from tons of people but to name a few: our very own Pole Bat, Ava Hennessy, Kitty Velour, Yangayoung, Amy Hazel, and Suen Lee.

Finally, if there’s anything I’ve learned from pole dancing it’s to embrace all the bruises, hair flicks are never optional, and point your damn toes!”

That is such an amazing story! Thank you so much Katie for training with us!

Team The Coven