Student’s Inspiration of the Month December 2019

Congratulations Kelley for winning the Student’s Inspiration of the Month December 2019 title!

What we find the most inspiring about Kelley is that she understands that some goals need more time to be achieved and instead of getting frustrated when something doesn’t “work” in the class she uses that energy to support others helping with spotting them in harder moves or taking perfectly angled pictures.
Speaking of pictures, the images that Kelley sent us were taken during her first pole dancing photoshoot at The Coven this Summer! It was a huge step out of a comfort zone for many students and Kelley was one of them.
Kelley Joined The Coven in August 2018 and is currently at the Intermediate level.
Even if Kelley said she’s not good about writing about herself, she sent us a great piece to read!
Dive into her story below and get inspired!

“I have been a member of The Coven for almost a year now and every minute of it has been amazing. I had always wanted to join The Coven but I was too nervous as I felt I wouldn’t have the strength or confidence to succeed, so my journey here started with the push start of a voucher… and some courage.

My strength and confidence both mentally and physically has increased so much since becoming a member of The Coven family. Edyta and everyone else here is so positive, friendly and patient when we struggle with getting a new move (the Butterfly… one day I will get it right).

I’ve made so many friends and even gained a pole sister (Aoife). Working fulltime and studying part-time can be tiring and stressful but going to pole is more like therapy than a workout, even though it is most definitely a workout.

I would advise anyone thinking about joining to just do it, The Coven is an awesome safe place to get strong, feel good and gain confidence in yourself.

Thanks to everybody especially Edyta (the owner) for being amazing!”

Thank you Kelley for being a part of our community!