Student’s Inspiration of the Month April 2019

Student’s Inspiration of the Month April 2019 goes to Karine Peres!

Karine is our Advanced level student well known for her amazing strength and extreme amounts of positive energy she’s spreading during our classes. Karine is always first to support and help her training buddies when anticipating more complicated tricks making sure they get in and out of it safely.

As you can see in the picture above she’s really hard to capture alone for photos 😉 she just loves those double (or group) poses on the pole! Her never ending enthusiasm is definitely contagious!

Karine has extremely busy schedule – apart from pole classes at The Coven she also goes to the gym and attends adults gymnastics classes in Galway. That’s why this blog post is entirely written by us, using Karine’s answers to questions we asked her about training with The Coven.

Karine started her pole dancing journey in November 2016. What made her decide to join our studio was that she wanted to try out the combination of strength and dance that are both required to do this sport. 

Karine admits that joining the classes gave her a great confidence boost not only on the personal level but also in her professional life.

The thing Karine enjoys the most about our studio is the variety of challenges given by instructors during the classes.

We asked Karine what advice would she give to the person who is already doing pole dancing and she said: patience and practice is the key, don’t give up, all can be achieved with determination.

When asked about a tip for a person who is still hesitating to join her response was: Pole dance is not what you may think it is, give it a try and you will see yourself!

We couldn’t help ourselves and also asked Karine about what motivates her to work-out so intensively. She gave us a simple yet powerful reply: I would really like to perform at some stage.

Thank you Karine for taking your time to answer our questions! We are inspired by your hard work and determination!

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Team The Coven