Here's everything you need to know about our online classes!

How to join:

Create an account in Go team Up (simply click on the image above). Go to “calendar” and click on the class you would like to join, make a Drop In payment or purchase a Membership and register via “calendar”. Email me any time if you need help!

Flexibility class – €10 (1 hour)*
Pole Fitness class – €15 (1 hour)*
Heels’n’ABS – €6 (30mins)
Private session – €30 (1 hour)*

 *check out the “Memberships” options in Go team Up for some great deals!


You can also join without registering in Go Team Up!
Please pay by Revolut or PayPal at least 2 hours before the class starts so I can gather the attendance list. 
Please use the option that doesn’t require any additional payment from either side.

Please add the following info to your payment:

  • your full name
  • the class you’d like to attend

I will send you the link to the Zoom meeting once I receive your payment. Feel free to contact me any time with any questions you might have or if you are interested in the Membership option.

See you online!

Class description:
Flexibility Training – Splits or Straddle
A perfect blend of leg extension and abdominal muscles exercises. Work on your legs flexibility while also strengthening your core for future pole tricks! All levels welcomed!
Flexibility Training – Backbends

Discover how to properly warm up and stretch your back and shoulders for all sorts of bridges and bendy poses. Make sure to cover your lower back (wear longer fitted top or back warmer). All levels welcomed!

Pole Fitness

Depending on the level this class focuses on different strenghtening exercises, spins and tricks on the pole. Each class starts with a warm up and conditioning exercises and ends with learning a combination of moves followed by cooldown stretches.
Beginner level – focuses on practicing variety of essential basics
Intermediate level – prepping for inverting and practicing inverted and off the floor figures

Spinny Pole
Suitable for all levels. The aim of this class is to introduce the basics of spinny pole for those who never tried it before but also to show more advanced options for already well seasoned polers. Spinning mode is more challenging than static because of the use of all upper body strength. It is a perfect way of conditioning your arms and getting stronger even faster! First we focus on overcoming the feeling of dizzy-nes. You’ll also learn how to create beautiful transitions between spins, climbs, sits and poses while flying 🙂

Love dancing in your stripper heels? Perfect! This class is designed specially for you! We will strengthen the core muscles by practicing all sorts of erotic pole/floorwork leg moves: heel clacks, tick-tocks and leg waves. 30 minutes of pure fire!

Sensual Floorwork
This is the Sensual (erotic) Movement class focused on tricks and transitions on the floor without the pole. Have an hour just for yourself exploring the basics of this empowering style of movement.

Shoes are totally optional.
PLEASE remeber to cover your knees with kneepads or thick legwarmers/rolled cut knee-socks.

Sensual Pole Dance
This is the Sensual (erotic) Movement class focused on tricks and transitions on and off the pole. Discover the classique approach to pole dancing – we’re going to try many different styles from Russian to Stripper Style. It will be definitely HOT!
Shoes are totally optional in the Beginner level and definitely a must in the Intermediate level 🙂
PLEASE remeber to cover your knees with kneepads or thick legwarmers/rolled cut knee-socks.
Private Session
This is a one on one class focusing on material of your choice. Let me know in advance what you would like to work on, whether it is pole fitness, flexibility, sensual movement, etc… and we will figure out the action plan together.
*Terms and Conditions
The payments are non refundable.
If you cancel up to 2 hours before the class starts you can transfer your unused single class booking on any other class.
All funds will be refunded immediately if the wrong PayPal option was chosen and the extra charge was taken from either side.
All funds will be refunded if the class cancellation occurs from The Coven/Pole Bat side.
Minimum 2 students must attend otherwise the class will be cancelled.
By purchasing the online classes with The Coven/Pole Bat you accept the terms and conditions above.