Pricing options

There are few different pricing options you can use to purchase our classes.
You can choose between the following:

  1. Monthly Membership
    Monthly Membership
    It is a monthly subscription for our classes, there are different options suitable for different needs.
    The price of the Membership depends on the number of classes it consists of.
    You can choose from 1, 2, or 3 classes per week. The minimum commitment is 3 months, then the Membership renews itself until cancelled.
    The cheapest option available starts from €60 per month.
    It’s the most popular choice as it gives the user many privileges. Membership holders are entitled to:
    – free Pole Play (open training) sessions
    – free  personal goals consultation
    – 50% discount for nutrition advice
    – discount for private sessions
    – 50% discount for Drop-In classes
    – discounts for workshops (if possible)
  2. Drop – In charge  €20
    This payment is useful when you just want to try out the certain class or need to make a payment outside of your Membership.
    It is also often used by non-members who never trained in our Studio and would like to see how we teach our classes.
  3.  Pay As You Go Packages
    Perfect for those who are not sure whether they would like to commit to the full-time Membership.
    It is also a good idea for a present 🙂
    Available variants:
    – 5 classes + one free admission to Pole Play 
    – 10 classes + 2 free admissions to Pole Play
    – free  personal goals consultation
    – 50% discount for nutrition advice

For more information such as how to purchase the above options or for pricing enquiries please contact us using the form below:

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