Pole Craft Boutique

We order a small batch of shoes every month. You can join in and order anything you want from Pleaser USA – just let us know which model, color and size you need and we will provide you the details about pricing and shipping.
You can choose any model from brand owned by Pleaser company!
Check the next preorder date on our Facebook page –> HERE
As this is a preorder system the payment upfront is mandatory and no refunds or returns are accepted.
Please read our full Terms and Conditions before placing an order.

Get your own pole or any other aerial art equipment with home delivery!
Simply let us know what you would like to order from X-Pole UK and we will arrange home delivery and a small discount.

Purchase from our partner shop with home delivery!

At the moment we have some Pole Dance and Fitness essentials available such as:

  • knee pads
  • leg warmers

Find our little store HERE