Introduction to Pole Dance Course

4-Week Course for First-Timers

**STARTS on Monday 11th March at 6:30pm**


Have you always wanted to join a pole dancing class but felt too shy and scared? Do you keep on putting it off or finding reasons why you can’t go?

Perhaps you’ve already seen and heard about Pole Fitness: amazing videos of women (and men!) defying the laws of gravity. You’ve heard about how great it is for toning up and improving overall fitness and boosting confidence, but you just can’t see yourself setting foot inside a pole fitness class?

We know how you feel and we have your solution!

What is ‘Introduction to Pole Dance’?

Pole Fitness is a workout that is suitable for all levels of ability. Can’t touch your toes? We’ll help you become more flexible! Think you don’t have enough upper body strength? This course is designed to help you build it! Join our 4-week program for first-timers and let us help you to become stronger, more toned and more flexible! We’ll teach you beginner level moves that are achievable, fun and impressive, as well as how to combine them all together into flowing sequences to bring a bit cardio. We offer additional classes in Flexibility Training and Pole Play open training to help compliment your Pole Fitness training.

Only 12 spaces available!

August Introduction Course will be 4 weeks long and consist of up to 3 classes per week for!

Sign up online before the Course starts and receive massive €20 discount!
Sign up with a friend and get a further €10 discount each!
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There are 3 different pricing options depending on your budget and lifestyle/work schedule. You can choose from:

  1. DE LUXE – Monday classes, 1 additional class of choice every week and Open Training at the weekends
  2. SUPER – Monday classes plus Open Training at the weekends
  3. REGULAR – only Monday classes

Fill in your details below to apply! By filling out your details, we can get a better understanding of your needs and make sure that you are the right fit for this fitness opportunity.

Please call or text 0834765731 if we don’t contact you within 48 hours.

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We have helped more than 100 women in Galway to overcome their fears and put the fun back into fitness. Check it out:

“I remember being really embarrassed about wearing shorts in my first class which definitely isn’t an issue any more! I also lost weight and have become a lot stronger… I was so nervous before my first class that I nearly didn’t go and now I wish I started sooner!” Dee, 23.

“I am fitter, stronger and slimmer than I ever thought I could become in a far more exciting and less boring way than I ever tried before. I’ve never been comfortable with having pictures taken of myself, never in a million years did I think I’d post pictures of myself to the degree I do now…” Mary, 47″

More than a year ago, I made the best decision of my life by joining pole dancing classes. This decision changed my body and mind completely… Although I have struggled with myself learning pole dancing, I’m very proud of myself and I can see how much I have improved.” Evelyn, 34.

Note: This is not strutting around in a bikini and hotpants, taking selfies, or focusing on how much ‘fat’ we can lose… Pole Fitness is a complete body workout that builds strength, muscle tone and flexibility at a controlled pace. It is also a workout for your mind as you build your body-confidence, and achieve new things with the support of your instructor and classmates. All you need is comfortable workout gear and a willingness to try for at least 4 weeks! So why not try it and ditch your boring workouts forever!