Firts-time Beginners

Here’s everything you need to know before starting pole fitness with The Coven!

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The upcoming course starting dates:

Monday 2nd November at 6:15pm – rescheduled date TBA

Perhaps you’ve already seen and heard about Pole Fitness: amazing videos of women (and men!) defying the laws of gravity. You’ve heard about how great it is for toning up and improving overall fitness and boosting confidence, but you just can’t see yourself setting foot inside a pole fitness class? There might be some of these thoughts on your mind right now:

  • I’m not strong enough
  • I don’t feel graceful
  • I’m not flexible

…and so on. The truth is we all been there and totally understand how you feel!

Our Introduction to Pole Dance Course is a 4-week programme designed specifically for first-time beginners. No previous experience in any kind of sport or fitness activity needed as we will teach you everything from absolute basics.

Pole Fitness is a workout that is suitable for all levels of ability. Can’t touch your toes? We’ll help you become more flexible! Think you don’t have enough upper body strength? This class is designed to help you build it! Join our unique program for first-timers and let us help you achieve your personal goals! 

We’ll teach you beginner level moves that are achievable, fun and impressive, as well as how to combine them all together into flowing sequences to bring a bit of cardio. We offer additional classes in Flexibility & Conditioning and Pole Play open training to help compliment your Pole Fitness training.

After completing the course you will be ready to progress to Beginner level 2. Later on you can progress to Beginner 3, then Intermediate and eventually Advanced level. More Information about our regularly scheduled weekly (ongoing) classes can be found under the “class description” tab in the main menu or HERE.

Only 5 spaces available!

Sign up minimum 7 days before the Course starts and receive a great discount!

There are 2 different pricing options depending on your budget and lifestyle/work schedule. You can choose from:

  1. Regular Introduction Course –  only Monday classes (4 classes in total, 1 per week) – €75 or €69 if booked in advance
  2. Introduction Course EXTRA – Monday classes plus an additional class* of choice in each week (8 classes in total, 2 per week) –  €140 or €119 if booked in advance

*Classes you can choose from in the EXTRA option: Flexibility and Conditioning training, Spinny Pole, Sensual Movement Beginners(Exotic Dance), Pole Fitness All Levels, Pole Play – open training.

Fill in your details below to apply! By filling out your details, we can get a better understanding of your needs and make sure that you are the right fit for this fitness opportunity.

Please call or text 0834765731 if we don’t contact you within 48 hours.

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We have helped more than 100 women in Galway to overcome their fears and put the fun back into fitness. Read our blog post and discover amazingly inspiring transformation stories written by our Students!

What to wear/how to prepare

  1. Please wear comfortable gym clothes, e.g. a tank top and a pair of shorts. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing shorts at your first class you can wear leggings or yoga pants but bring shorts just in case you’ll need the skin grip on your legs for the off the floor pole tricks.
  2. No shoes needed, we train barefoot (you can have the socks on).
  3. Please try not to use any body lotion 24 hours before the class and no hand cream before the class as the moisturiser will affect your grip.
  4. Bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated!

Where to park

Please leave your car on the car park across the Headford Road. The parking space under Lidl/Argos is private and they clamp every car staying longer than one hour.

Where is the studio?

We are located in the Plaza Offices building. The entrance is on the right side of Argos – big glass door with “Plaza Offices” sign. The Coven is at the first floor, first door on your left hand side on the patio (same as Fidelma Bane Solicitor’s office ;)).

‘Introduction to Pole Dance’ Course Terms and Conditions

Please be absolutely sure that you can make the course dates and you wish to do the course before booking. Should you cancel within 48 office hours* week of the course start date/time we cannot offer you a refund. (*Our office hours are 11am – 5pm Monday to Friday)

It is not possible to opt out of the course once the course begins. 4 week course may include Public Holidays i.e. Bank Holidays and Christmas/New Year’s Holidays etc.

The classes offered within the Course are non-refundable and non-transferable.

By purchasing the course you agree to the terms and conditions above.

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