Class description

Our classes

Here at The Coven, we are dedicated to your success. We offer a wide range of fun and quality alternative fitness classes catered for all levels of ability and skill, from Yoga to Pole Fitness and beyond.

Pole Fitness:

Possibly the most fun you can have while toning up, building strength and pushing your fitness to the next level! Our pole fitness classes are designed to help you to to develop your skill at your own pace and to reap the physical benefits of pole dance such as increased upper body strength, flexibility and stamina, as well as the mental benefits such as reduced stress levels, increased confidence and promotion of a positive body-image.

Every class is carefully designed to make you well-rounded pole in your fitness, we ensure that you will have the strength, flexibility and stamina to perform each new move by incorporating conditioning and stretching exercises into each class. We always start every class barefooted with a warm-up on a yoga mat. Then we progress to pole tricks instruction, revision of previously learned material, learning a routine, new tricks and a cool down stretch.

Every class includes choreography that includes the tricks and moves that you will be learning to further increase your fitness and bring more fun to your workout! You’ll feel rejuvenated in every class! Our class places are limited in order to ensure that we offer the best pole fitness classes in Galway. You are guaranteed lots of space and lots of pole usage time in every class; as we never over-crowd our classes.

Whether you are a first-time beginner or a hard-core pole dance addict, we have several levels of classes catered for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Spin Pole

For this specific class the poles are readjusted “static” into “spinning mode” which means the bar is rotating freely. The most fun thing in pole dancing ever! The aim of this class is to introduce the basics of spinny pole. We will be covering pole climbs & variations, sits, spins, inverts, hold combinations and sequences of all of the above. Get a solid understanding of how to use your body weight and momentum to best effect. Spinning pole adds a great element of beauty because the movements of the dancer can be seen from all angles as the body stays in rotation but it also helps building upper body strength. The moves are presented with progressions and regressions so the class is suitable for all levels of experience.

Sexy Flexibility & Conditioning:

This class is for those who want to become more flexible, for dance, for fitness, or just for personal achievement! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be more flexible!

Throughout these classes we will aim to build upon whatever flexibility we already have, whether you are a complete beginner or a ‘bendy Wendy’! There are no pre-requisites for this class, you just need motivation as it is never too late to become more flexible. We will focus on active & passive stretches to build flexibility through a complete range of movement, as well as strengthening exercises for core, upper body and back muscles, legs and glutes, to aid flexibility training.

Handstands & Core Balance:

This hour long class is, exactly how it sounds, all about Handstands and Core! “What? Handstands and core? That is super weird!” is what you might be saying to yourself now, but… These classes are designed to demonstrate the enormous benefit of improving core, shoulder and arm strength all while having fun learning how to master your handstands. These classes are aimed at complete beginners who have always wanted to learn to do a handstand as well as anyone already comfortable upside-down who wants to improve their elbow stands, headstands and handstands. The three goals for this one-hour class are: 1) Beginning drills to gain confidence on your hands 2) Introduction of basic core exercises aimed at developing a strong handstand safely and progressively 3) Fun, fun, fun! I mean, who doesn’t like being upside-down?! Hope to see you all there learning this fantastic and fun addition to any workout routine!

Exotic Dance:

A class for those who want to embrace their sensual side. Suitable for those who would like to challenge themselves in dancing in heels and explore flow and sensuality within their movement. Floorwork and pole dancing will be combined to create beautiful movement and shapes that celebrate the ‘traditional’ side of pole dance. In this class you have permission to let your hair down, put your heels on and leave your troubles outside! You will get a good sweat and workout in this class, as standard!

We recommend wearing heels for this class. Dancer brand platform shoes are recommended (such as Pleaser, Ellie, Glitter Heels, etc.). Thick leg warmers or knee pads are also recommended.

Floor and Flow

This class focuses on floor-work and sensual choreography. You will learn how to connect emotionally with music in addition to some old school classic stripper style moves and spins both on and off the pole.
Unlike Exotic Dance this class is opened for all levels of ability.
During the Floor and Flow class you will explore the signature style of Ava Hennessy – experienced exotic dancer and master of the seductive movement. 

Strap on your favourite pair of heels and join Ava for a fun and sexy workout! Legwarmers or knee pads highly recommended!