Student’s Inspiration of the Month October 2020

Let’s celebrate our SIotM title winner – Noelle Higgins!

Noelle started training with us exactly one year ago – in October 2019! We’re happy to not only celebrate her pole anniversary but also put a spotlight on another great student. What we find the most inspiring about Noelle is that she is working super hard and never gives up on her goals. We asked Noelle to tell us a little bit about her experience with The Coven so far. Read her side of the story below and get inspired!

“I have loved every minute I have spent at classes in The Coven since I took an Introductory Course before Christmas last year. I may often be sweaty, frustrated, battered and bruised, but I still love every class, and always look forward the next one

I have been a member of a couple of gyms over the years, but Pole Fitness is the first exercise class I have taken that I have really enjoyed, and it has become a sort of addiction for me; the more I learn, the more I want to learn. Starting with Pole Fitness, I have also recently done some Spinny Pole* and Sensual Movement* classes. Pole classes have helped me build up my strength (which I was severely lacking beforehand), helped me gain confidence in my body, express myself, and I always come out of class happier than when I went in

I missed the buzz of classes during the recent Covid lockdown, but Edyta was amazing and provided Skype classes, which helped so much. I couldn’t wait, though, to get back to live classes once The Coven reopened.

Before I did the Introductory Course, I had seen it advertised a couple of times and was very tempted to join, as I wanted to find an exercise programme that I would enjoy, but I thought I was too unfit and too weak, and I had a lot of injuries from a car accident which flare up regularly. But, I am so very glad I took the plunge and signed up. Edyta is an amazing teacher, with an abundance of patience and encouragement, and The Coven is a fantastic place to train, with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Being a student at The Coven has been a wonderful and inspiring experience so far for me. I have so much more to learn and I am looking forward to lots more exciting, sweaty, challenging, bruise-inducing times ahead!”

Thank you so much Noelle for your amazing story!

*Spinny Pole – taught on rotating poles
*Sensual Movement – exotic dance class