About Us

Who created The Coven

My name is Edyta and I am a certified pole fitness instructor with passion for sharing my knowledge about and love for pole dancing with others. I want you to know that yes, YOU can pole dance! Read on to discover more about me and my studio!

The name

coven /ˈkʌv(ə)n/ noun

  1. an assembly or band of usually 13 witches
  2. a collection of individuals with similar interests or activities
  3. a secret or close-knit group of associates

My mission

To create a supportive, welcoming and fun environment where your needs and goals as an individual are recognized and supported. A place where creativity and expression are met with encouragement and the support of a greater community. I want to help you to gain strength and confidence and to become the best possible version of yourself, both physically and mentally. I want you to experience empowerment, passion and positivity in each and every class, and to take this with you outside of the classes to positively impact and improve the world at large.

More about me

Edyta Ćwik – Owner and Trainer

I am originally from Poland. I moved to Galway in 2017. I discovered my undying passion for pole dancing during college years. After moving to Ireland I trained with the best instructors of the Irish Pole Dance Academy in Dublin. My biggest dream was to create my own studio where I could teach and share my love to pole dancing with others. I never imagined though that it’s going to grow into truly amazing place where magic happens!

As a spotlight addict I love to perform! You can see me on stage on  numerous occasions in Ireland and overseas such as UPA’s Bringing Sexy Back week celebration parties, poleshows, showcases and sometimes competitions.